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Democratic Club of Ventura

Democratic Club of Ventura serves a diverse community, welcoming Democrats and Independents of all ages, faiths, genders and backgrounds. We create a social and intellectual space for those in Ventura and neighboring towns who seek fellowship, civil discourse, volunteer opportunities and the promotion of social justice causes. DCV proudly belongs to the network of 10 clubs aligned with the Ventura County Democratic Party.

Our Mission:

  • Recruit, develop, and support progressive Democratic candidates for office

  • Hold incumbents accountable and vet challengers through a rigorous endorsement process

  • Maximize fund-raising efforts for endorsed candidates

  • Increase Democratic voter registration and turnout

  • Provide voter education via town halls, candidate forums, and programs to explore ballot measures and propositions

  • Partner with county and statewide nonprofits to support causes that advance our Democratic values and ideals: Democracy and the rule of law, social justice, environmentalism, education, civil rights, voting rights, free and fair elections, fair pay, organized labor, affordable housing, affordable healthcare for all, mental health advocacy, reproductive healthcare, marriage equality, common-sense gun reform, prison reform, immigration reform, global alliances and sovereign borders.

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